Your Government is running illegal experimentation programmes on innocent people



Competition to win a camera

The competition started on October the 1st 2020


The competition is open to people who live in the USA, UK, European, Canada and Australia.


Please read the terms and conditions for uploading your videos as they are very specific


T.I.'s need to move away from fuzzy, shaky videos of gang-stalkers. We need to do everything possible to get the best quality evidence that we can. As a group, we need more evidence that 'contract stalking' (gang-stalking) really does exist and to explain to the public what REALLY is going on.


So to this end, we've created a competition to win the excellent MOBIUS MAXI (pictured above) camera, which features: -


  • 2.7K Video, switchable to other resolutions.
  • Image stabilisation (via settings)
  • 135 or 150 degree viewing angle (Depending on Model)
  • Auto Rotate Image
  • Video record only or Video & Audio record
  • Wifi enabled, which can be switched off via settings


  • Various modes:-

                  Dash-cam mode

                  Slow-motion mode

                  Web-cam mode

                  Stand alone mode

                  Single shot photo mode or bust photo mode


  • Video resolutions/fps:  2.7K 30fps,1080P 60fps, 1080P 50fps, 1080P 30fps, 720P 120fps,720P 100fps, 720P 60fps, 720P 30fps, H.264 AVC, Mov, MP4


  • Photo resolutions: Photo (JPEG): 2704*1524; 2048*1538; 1600*1200; 1920*1080; 1280*960


  • Robust construction
  • Built in LIPO battery: 950mah. 100 minutes of 1080p 60fps or 140 minutes of 2.7K 30fps HD video
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Standard Mini USB port for charging and setup
  • Can be connected to various mounting systems
  • The Mobius includes mounting bracket and power cable



 What you will win


A brand new Mobius Maxi, which includes all that is in the box, i.e. mounting bracket (which has a standard tripod mount),  USB cable, velcro strip, fpv cable. Watch Andrew Newton's video to see what's included in the box.

We're also throwing in a brand new 64Gb memory card !



 Why the Mobius ?


I've been using the exact same model of this camera for a while now, and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's reliable, robust and takes great video. I've also had the original Mobius for years and it is still going. There are a lot of bad cameras out there and a lot of people taking really awful video that is pretty unwatchable. Let's do better.



 Reviews, Setup & Example Videos


Full, honest review by Andrew Newton


The only 2 issues that Andrew mentioned in his review have now been fixed. The first being occasional 'lock-ups', which has been fixed in the new firmware version. The second being very slightly less sharpness than the original Mobius, which can be changed in the software settings.









This is a review by MoleTech, which includes using the PC software to set the camera up.


Mobius Maxi 4k and 2.7K Settings with example video Clips. Note that the Mobius can do 4K video, but it is interpolated - which basically means that the 4K video is kind of fake. But 2.7K is excellent and the 1080p at 60 fps is fantastic.


Some of the example videos aren't quite as good as the camera produces, because YouTube's video format has changes the frame rate, and it doesn't mention if he has image stabilisation turned on or off. To me, it looks like it's set to off.



Mobius Maxi as a Dash-Cam


Video uploaded by '1st drive'. "I test drive my new Mobius Maxi dash cam. This great little camera can record up to 2.7K and even upscales video to 4K as it films. It has many new features over the Mobius 1 and 2 which I'll be showing you soon in a review. "


This camera can be set to automatically start recording when it receives power, i.e. when you switch the ignition on. It can also be set to 'loop record', meaning that when the memory card becomes full it will start to to make new recordings at the beginning of the card, so it's always recording, waiting for something of interest (like a cyberstalker!).






 How to enter our Competition


1.   Participants must be registered with at least one of the following T.I. organisations:- PACTS International, FFTI (Freedom for

      Targeted Individuals), Targeted Justice, BEFORE the competition start date.

2.   Take a video that shows proof of stalking that is happening to you. Make sure it's as sharp and as clear as you can.

3.   Edit your video so it only shows the interesting part. The judges don't want to spend hours looking through videos for a 20 second clip! We

      just don't have the time (or the patience for that matter). BUT do keep a copy of your original video intact, as it may prove useful

      one day.

4.   Upload your video to Youtube. If Youtube has censored your account then upload it to BitChute.

5.   Make sure your video title includes the phrase 'Cyberstalking Evidence' so we can find it, to review it. The rest of the title can

      be up to you.

6.   If your able to, add a video title to the start of the video that says, where and when the video was taken.

7.   If you are also able to, then please add the make and model of your camera within the video.

8.   If you don't have the knowledge to add the above titles in to your video, then don't worry, you won't be penalised. We want as many

      people to enter as possible (within the criteria of the rules).

9.   If you have the confidence to voice over you video, then please do. You sound better than you think :-)

10. We will not accept videos that were created / uploaded before the date of the start of the competition.

11. You must include the following in the description of the video =

     Cyberstalking and Cybertorture is a crime, which is being investigated by the U.N. (United Nations). For more information

     please  see the following websites: - , , .



 Hints & Tips


BACKUP YOUR VIDEOS - get the video from your SD card onto another device as soon as you can! I suspect that agencies swap peoples memory cards out for a version with wireless technology installed, so they can delete your files remotely, or even short it out so it damages your camera. If you don't think that can be done, YOU can buy a wifi enables memory card yourself. They will have smaller versions, that likely work on a different frequency, and are a counterfeit of the make that you use. See versions of wifi memory cards here =


Try to keep your videos as clear and sharp as possible.

Mounting your camera on a car dash board, or placing it on a wall will steady the image.

Unless you have a very specialised camera, then don't film at night, dusk or early dawn.

Confronting your stalkers can lead to new information, but is potentially dangerous - be cautious. If you feel things are getting out of hand or difficult, then walk away.

If cars 'honk' their horns as they pass by, all day long, every day, then film them and edit it together. One looks like nothing, twice looks like a coincidence, but dozens of times looks like organised harassment - the same goes for 'signalling' (pointing, waving, etc.).

You can clip the start/end of your videos using many different types of free software.

Instead of seeing stalking as a negative, you can now turn it in to a positive asset by actively going out to film them in the act.

ANY video is better than no video. We know some of your are violently attacked with energy weapons, which means we appreciate you participating in the competition even more.

If you don't know how to edit your video, then don't worry - do your best - you'll be helping the community regardless of what you submit.



 Rules of The Competition


1.  The judges decision is final.

2.  All participants must abide within the spirit of the competition and shall not attack other participants, in any way, even after the competition

     has closed. If the winner does not abide by this principle then we reserve the right to stop the prize from being shipped.

3.  No monetary alternative is available. The competition if for the camera in question and a 64Gb memory card.

4.  The competition organisers will pay the postage for the prize, as you'd expect.

5.  Judges are not allowed to enter the competition.

6.  Judges will decide the winner based on what they consider to be the best video, which will include personal preference and is subjective.

7.  We reserve the right to extend the closing date of the competition if we consider that not enough participants have entered, or the quality

     of the uploaded videos are to low.

8.  The winner will be contacted in the best way that we can, and should be willing to give us their home address so that the prize can be sent

     to them. We will not send to a P.O.Box number. If your not willing to give your address, then please do not enter the competition.

9.  Participants must be registered with at least one of the following T.I. organisations:- PACTS International, FFTI (Freedom for

    Targeted Individuals), Targeted Justice, BEFORE the competition start date. This is to ensure that the winner will be a genuine T.I.,

     and not a state actor, or someone just taking advantage.

10. If when the competition ends, the Camera is no longer made or no stock is available, then we reserve the right to send an alternative,

      although we shall do our up-most to supply the camera listed in the competition.

11. Note that Microsoft Windows is required to install new versions of firmware. Firmware/Software is available on the Mobius website.

12. The specifications listed are to the best of our knowledge correct, but we expect participants to research their correctness themselves.

13. We expect both the camera and memory card will be shipped straight from the supplier which is based in China, so it could potentially

      take a few months to reach you, so the winner should be patient!

14. We cannot be held responsible for things out or our control, e.g. the shipping company, items stolen from your porch, items broken in the

      post, etc., your pet dog ate the package as it appeared in your letter box, but we will try our best to resolve them.

15. The competition is open to people who live in the USA, UK, European, Canada and Australia.

16. Gang stalkers need not apply!